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Welcome to Class 4's page! 

Welcome to Class 4's page! We hope you enjoy having a look around our page, and seeing all the exciting things we will be learning about and experiencing this year. 

                                             'Here we are.'


This term, the whole school topic is ‘Here we are’ and Class 4 will be learning all about the invasion of Anglo-saxons and Vikings on Britain. 

Alongside the exciting topic this term, the children will also be participating in lots of fun activities across the curriculum. Have a look below at Class 4's Autumn newsletter and homework map. 

Class 4's Autumn term Newsletter 2020

Class 4's Homework map 2020


For our 'WOW day' this term we explored what daily life was like during the Anglo-saxon times. We looked at a Anglo-saxon village and learnt about the leisure and crafts they enjoyed. We learnt the Anglo-saxons enjoyed weaving and had a go at trying to weave our own pattern on a plate. Have a look at some of the artwork we created. 



We also learnt the Anglo-saxons enjoyed telling stories and riddles and during the day, we had a go at writing our own riddles, included riddles in form of a Kennings poem. Can you guess the answer to our riddles?

Riddle poem written by Lily and Eve

I swim with friends, 

which is where I like to be, 

you humans, 

how you love to watch me. 


I spend all my days, 

catching fish,

I do what I want,

I'm as free as I wish. 


Feeling the waves, 

washing all over me, 

leaping in and out, 

it is where I love to be. 

What am I?


Riddle written by Charlie and Max

I'm a sky scraper

I hide at night

I'm made of water

I'm a far flyer

I'm floating high

You can see me

But not touch me

I'm gas

I have millions of brothers 

What am I? 


Riddle written by Eleanor and Esme

I have a face,

but no waist, 

I have hands,

but no arms, 

I have all the time in the world, 

sometimes I am curled, 

I sometimes chime,

but not all the time, 

I am often tall, 

but also small, 

I am very, very clever, 

I talk almost never, 

What am I? 


Viking Longship

This term in Class 4 the children have made their own Viking Longship. They also enjoyed learning about the importance of the vessel for Viking trade, travel and success in battles.

Have a look at the Viking Longships we have created below:




My Special Thing!

Children in Class 4 will be participating in ‘My Special Thing’ every Friday. This is traditionally a Year 5 and 6 privilege at Uley School and an opportunity for the children to build their confidence with public speaking.  Over the year, each child will be given 10-15 minutes to give a presentation to the class about something which is meaningful and significant to them.

So far this term, members of the class have spoken about their pets, camping trips and Minecraft! Each child has been given the date for their presentation, however if you are unsure when your child's presentation is, or have any questions about 'My Special Thing' please do come and speak to me. 






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