Good communication is essential.

We use Teachers2Parents text messaging service and emails to keep you informed and updated, as well as regular letters and newsletters.  Some letters require a timely response from parents or carers, this could be to give permission for an activity.  

There are staff out on duty every morning to take any messages or answer questions.  If you would like an update on your child's progress and education, or you have any worries, then we encourage you to come and speak to the school staff then we can put some time time aside for a quality conversation.


Ways of Getting Information

There is a variety of ways to find school information.

  • Newsletters are sent out approximately every other week and is full of information about what is happening in the school, updates and dates.  A copy of the newsletter is:
    • emailed (if you have requested this)
    • sent out as hardcopies (if you have requested this)
    • pinned on the noticeboard outside the school
    • on the school website
  • Uley School has a Facebook Page where notes and reminders are added
  • The school website contains a lot of school information including a calendar of events.  Any correspondence sent out is added.  You will find notes and reminders on the home page.  There is also a link to our Facebook page from the website.
  • Other correspondence that requires a response will be sent out via hard copies or email
  • Hard copies of correspondence will be sent home via pupils, so please check with them and check book bags.
  • A few copies of each letter sent home can be found in the letter rack next to the front door.

Any questions about the information sent out or if you think you may have missed some information, please do not hesitate to come and speak to a member of staff.


Don’t forget that staff are happy to arrange to talk to you, should you:

•  like an update on your child’s progress other than Parent’s Evenings

•  like more information on how to support your child at home

•  like to celebrate your child’s achievements in and out of school

•  have a worry

•  have any questions about your child’s education

•  need clarification/reminders on information


Please see our Communication Policy

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