Head Teacher's Surgery

Head Teacher's Surgery

Whilst it is possible to make appointments to see the Head Teacher, there is also a Head Teacher’s Surgery.  This offers parents and carers an opportunity to meet with me to discuss experience of school and aspects of school life.  Please don’t forget that teachers are also available to talk to you about your child’s education.

At present, due to coronavirus, there are no dates set but you can still make an appointment


You can make an appointment in one of three ways:

1.         Return a reply slip - see below

2.         Telephone the school and book an appointment

3.         Send an email to admin@uley.gloucs.sch.uk

All appointments will initially be 15 minutes, with follow up appointments made if necessary; all times will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. It would be very helpful if the overall focus of the meeting could be known in advance in order that I might be able to have some answers to any particular questions.

Book an appointment slip

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